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Re: talk with Jim Gettys at ALS

On Tue 17 Oct, Sean 'Shaleh' Perry wrote:
> Jim is trying to make some iPaq's available to Debian.  He was elated that
> Debian was the first distro to work out of the box on the iPaq.

Excellent. I've managed to buy an ipaq (after failing to scrounge one from
Jim) so I've just given it a brain transplant and am working on docs, but we
could always use another - then Chris can have one...

> There are issues with the number of available machines and the like.  Will
> see what happens.

Indeed - its taken us 3 months to actually get hold of one.

> Compaq found a small horde of Compaq Sharks (analogous to a netwinder). 
> Jim has also offered us one of these as a compile machine as well as
> possibly some for developers to hack on.

We'd be very interested in that too or was he talking about putting then on
the net for general use rather than giving them to individual developers?

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