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Kernel problem under debian


I have installed Debian 2.2, but I have the same problems as under Reddhat.
The installation is very instable (memory problems ?). I fixed it by
recompiling a 2.4.0-testx kernel and that worked under Redhat and the system
was stable. But after updating to Debian 2.2 the kernel refuses to run. It
does uncompress and then hangs. So I recompiled a new kernel (crosscompiled
on a Redhat 6.2 linux running on a Intel). This has the same problem ... it
hangs after uncompressing. Could someone please tell me what I need to do, to
make the kernel working ? Do I need to change something to the kernelsources
to make it run on Debian ? Is there anyone who has it a 2.4.0 kernel running
under Debian.

My configuration is :

StrongARM RiscPC with 160 (128+32) Mb memory + 2 Mb VRam.

Thanks in advance,

Angelo Melis @ home
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