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Re: NetWinder an XFree

On Mon, 28 Aug 2000, Philip Blundell wrote:

> 64MB isn't quite enough RAM to run things like GNOME locally though.


My x86 box runs HelixGNOME 1.2, Sawfish, Netscape, xemacs, half-a-dozen
gnome-terminals, a few panel monitors and assorted applications, and
it's not that bad -- it only has 32MB and a P166.  I do try quite hard
not to run anything extraneous, though (you might argue GNOME is
extraneous compared with fvwm I suppose).

I wouldn't've /thought/ its IDE interface (four years old) is especially
faster than whatever's in the Netwinder.

Am I just unusally lucky, or have a usage pattern that requires few
swap page-ins or something?

Maybe it is really slow and I've just forgotten what fast is.


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