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ARM slave build daemons wanted

There's now a working wanna-build database setup on medusa.armlinux.org.
I now need slave build daemons to build some packages.  If you'd like to
volunteer, check `wanna-build' out of cvs.debian.org and install the
`buildd', preferably in a chroot environment, and send me the following

  * your machine name;
  * the output of `-v' on all of your toolchain binaries;
  * an SSH public key that your slave build daemon will use to log in to
    talk to wanna-build;
  * the distributions and sections you'll be working on.

The version of wanna-build on xia03 in /root is actually better than the
current CVS code; I recommend using that -- if people don't have access
to this, I can mail a tarball of this tidied-up code.

Alternatively, I can do all this hard work for you, but I'll need root
access to a given machine.

At a glance, it seems we're hundreds of packages out of date on unstable,
and I believe there are still a significant number of packages with signed
char issues.

I shall endeavour to setup a system which makes the build logs public,
and allows people to alter the `failed category' information from a
web page or somesuch.


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