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Re: Embedded Debian (was: compaq iPaq)

Quoting Ben Armstrong <synrg@sanctuary.nslug.ns.ca>:
> sort of configuration at compile-time would be a useful.  Is busybox used
> anywhere else in Debian?  It's curious that busybox isn't packaged
> separately. 

<debian developer and author/maintainer of busybox hat on>

For woody, we are creating a new section of the Debian
archive for the debian-installer (new name for the boot 
floppies).  BusyBox will be a stand-alone package  in that
section (actually, there are two busybox packages -- busybox
and busybox-static, which is statically linked with everything
turned on for rescuing your system when it is hosed).

To build .debs of busybox, grab the source (either from 
CVS on opensource.lineo.com, or from released tarballs)
just run 'dpkg-buildpackage' and it'll build.  Next week
as we start ramping up for woody, the new archive section will
probably be showing up on mirrors and busybox .debs will be

The source code in the boot floppies CVS tree is out of date,
since we froze it quite a while ago, and has a number of bugs
(none release critical, but some a bit annoying) that are fixed
in the latest and greatest...


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