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RE: Embedded Debian (was: compaq iPaq)

Matthew Franz wrote:

> Frank,
> I think the OS-builder app is a great idea.  
> Would its "raw material" be pre-compiled debian binary packages or would

My first pass at this will be based on snarfing pre-compiled binary packages.
Simply Q&D, but probably useful to a lot of people.

> it be able to build the system from source.  Unless there were separate

I think building from source is a valid next step...

> embedded .debs, I don't know that the standard binaries would be compact
> enough to support limited memory/storage environments.  Take busybox.  
> Based on the build instructions, the app would modify busybox.def.h and
> build the binary to contain only the commands/features that were
> necessary.  In many cases, the standard .debs would probably be fine, but
> in some cases you would need more control over the build.

One of my thoughts was to have something like a

    "Use Busybox Whereever Possible"

config option.  If this is set, then for each utility chosen by the user, if
there is a busybox implementation for this utility, use that instead of the
'standard' version.  

> An added benefit would be if the "OS-builder" were modular and extensible
> enough to not only configure which packages are to used but to configure
> the packages themselves.  Lets say you were including apache (more likely
> boa!), you would be able to specify the initial document root and other
> essential variables.



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