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Re: compaq iPaq

On Wed 16 Aug, Jason Gunthorpe wrote:
> On Tue, 15 Aug 2000, Joey Hess wrote:
> > It's been pointed out that emdebian (http://www.emdebian.org/) is
> > essentilly an effort to do just this. [shrink debian to fit
> > handhelds]
> It is? I use their stuff and the main focus is cross compilers and cross
> environments for debian, not really shrinking and porting debian proper. 
> That it is, it is more tools for embedded development rather than an
> embedded operating system.

We (emdebian) want to do both these things. The latter is what is urgent
right now for developers of 'funky handhelds', but the former is also
needed for those handhelds to be of much use beyond specific vertical
applications. http://www.handhelds.org/ (the compaq research lab, who did
the port to the ipaq) is encouraging development of small-platform linux
software. Emdebian intends to use the resulting good stuff to produce a
proper small-device distro. 

The needs of genuinely embedded devices and general-purpose handheld
computers are not quite the same, but the restrictions are similar so we
hope that a distro can be produced that covers both these areas. It's an
interesting area. 

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