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Re: Installing onto a CATS

Well, you wouldn't happen to have any ideas on how to get bootp working 
would ya?

Anyway, I probably haven't, but I've been unable to find any docs that
actually explain how bootparamd works. The example in the /etc/bootparamd
file is pretty simple but apparently it's not enough. I can't find any
docs with anymore details then just that. So if you could point me
to some docs that are more informative, I'd be greatful.


On Wed, 2 Aug 2000, Philip Blundell wrote:

> >to a point then tell me "bootparamd/getfile failed". I then restarted the
> >bootparamd daemon and now it stops at "bootparamd/whoami failed".
> Sounds like you just haven't configured bootparamd properly.  Check that it 
> has an entry for the machine you're trying to boot.
> p.

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