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Re: freeamp problem

Peter Naulls wrote:

> Anyone else seen this?
> [peter@oink:~] freeamp
> /usr/lib/freeamp/plugins/freeamp.ui: R_ARM_PC24 relocation out of range
> No UI plugin in '.:~/.freeamp:/usr/lib/freeamp' matched 'plugins/' or 'plugins/.ui.'
> FreeAmp will quit.

I've seen part of this- the no plugin part.  Run from the E menus, I think it executes
"freeamp -ui freeamp", which works on other platforms; running from the command line as
you did gives this error.  You might check the BTS...

I tried freeamp on ARM a while ago, and the big problem I had was performance- it would
spit out 1/10 second bursts every second or two.  That was with the esound backend, but
I don't think its others are much better.  There was a thread about this a couple of
months ago, and a recommendation to use something else I forgot.  Check the archives.

And if you have the time, make a new freeamp backend based on the other mp3 player,
which isn't so floating-point dependent. :-)

-Adam P.

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