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Re: NFS and no_root_squash

On Fri, 14 Apr 2000, Peter Teichmann wrote:

> I am using a Acorn RiscPC running Debian Linux. Now it shall also be a NFS
> server for my new yet diskless SGI Indy (The root filesystem for the Indy will
> be on the Acorn). That nearly works, just one problem: I need root access for
> the client on the NFS partition, and I understood the man pages for "exports"
> that the option "no_root_squash" would enable this. But it just does not change
> anything, root still gets mapped to user nobody.
> Does anyone know what the problem is, or a better place to ask this question?
> Thank you very much!

One of the more general Debian lists?

What I use, which works for me is the following:

[stewart@dystopia ~]# cat /etc/exports 


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