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Re: First dangerous crack at a riscpc installer

Wookey wrote:
> On Thu 30 Mar, Jim Studt wrote:
> > In celebration of the RiscPC users popping out of the woodwork I've
> > whipped up a first crack at a RiscPC debian installer image.
> well done. I've played with it today, but it's hometime now, so here's
> what I found in case it helps...
> > It takes the form of a magic kernel+root that once running will take
> > you through the normal debian install.  I suspect a thing called
> > `linloader' is going to be handy here.
> Is is just me or does linloader have problems? I found I could only get
> it to run pn RISCOS 3.5 or 3.7 machines by running !memfix first (from
> !PC). The first time you get 'wildly outside array bounds', then you get
> 'physical pages not available'. The memory-page table-tweaking that
> !Memfix does seems to be a workaround for now. On RISCOS 4 it wouldn't
> work at all giving 'disc empty' messages (and curiously dismounting all my
> Omniclient NFS mounts).

I have problems with linloader too.  I think it worked once for me.  However
MemFix doesn't cure the problem for me.  Perhaps my MemFix (14:21:10 09 May
1996) is too old?  This was on a vanilla 3.7 RiscPC.


> Trying to insatll off the net just hung.
> Trying to install over NFS worked OK (except that I haven't got all the
> files yet, and it's home time...so over to someone else for the weekend)

Thanks for the warning.  I've initiaited a full download and will have a go
at installing tomorrow.


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