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Debian on ARM platforms...

Hi guys,

I recently rejoined the list, and would like to get up to speed with the state
of the Debian ARM port.  I have a few questions, and I'd appreciate it someone
could take the time to answer them.

1.  Will it ship with 2.2?  My general sense of the state of things is no, but
correct me if I am wrong.
2.  Who is leading/coordinating the effort?  The web pages seem out of date.
3.  What platforms are you trying to support?
4.  Where is it being built, and on what platform?
5.  Is the ARM Debian port making use of debian.rebel.com at all?
6.  What if anything, could Rebel do to further things along for the ARM port?

Kind of rapid fire style of questioning, but I am interested in your comments,
opinions, etc.  BTW, I've been through the Debian site, and know about things
like the partner program; I'm really interested in what the ARM people think
would be useful.


Scott Bambrough - Software Engineer
REBEL.COM    http://www.rebel.com
NetWinder    http://www.netwinder.org

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