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Re: ARM build status

>I got a clean mozilla build of M12.  The resulting browser opened
>a 16000x16000 window that was blank as near as I could tell (kind of 
>hard to pan around in a window with 300 times more area than my display.)

The same thing happened to me when I tried to build .debs of the CVS sources.  
I wonder if the Debian configure options are breaking something.

>I've updated the 'busted' file for the rest of these.

Would it be possible to organise the `busted' file into sections for "not 
appropriate", "needs something that isn't installed" and "genuinely broken"?  
That would make it easier to see at a glance which packages are worth working 

On which note, I have just filed bugs against jikes and lam (which both need 
trivial configury changes).  I'm looking at clisp, qt2 and xggi now.


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