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ARM build status

ARM building is progressing nicely.  The current versions of the tools
and libraries are capable of building almost everything.

There are still a couple hundred packages that need help to get build.
I have them broken down in to two major categories.

busted - these fail to build for some reason.  You can read about
         them in the 'busted' file which is updated nightly at

charhell - these have problems with our unsigned (char) type.  They
           have built, but general will hang reading some sort of a 
           file where the programmer downcasted to (char) then checked
           against EOF.

Everything else should be being built and uploaded by the scripts.

busted packages have problems including...
-- not applicable to ARM
-- not ported to the ARM and needs it (GC code, custom threads, asm, etc...)
-- needed a package that is busted
-- needs a set of *-dev files that wasn't on my build boxes
-- offended by our socket header files (quite common)
-- "install -s" on a non-binary, this hits all architectures

We could use some volunteers to update their machines to current
levels and handle some of these problem packages.  

Please "stake your claim" on this list so we don't duplicate effort.
Do check that the package isn't built already, I haven't culled all
the recent builds from "busted" yet.

And also, please install the libncurses5-dev and readline4-dev so 
we can come out with all current linkages.

You can view the log of the last build for a package at...
... or skip the index and go right to...
... where XXXXX is your package name, no version number.

                                     Jim Studt, President
                                     The Federated Software Group, Inc.

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