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Re: Packages needing help

>realtimebattle () ArenaBase.cc:155: Internal compiler error in `float_signal',
> at toplev.c:2418

I took a quick look at this but my paltry knowledge of the C++ compiler meant 
it was hard to make headway.  I've forwarded a report to the GCC experts.

>netcat () netcat.c:248 has a function called 'arm'

I'll see about fixing the compiler to avoid this one too.  It's pretty bad 
that it pollutes the namespace the way it does at the moment.

>mtr () undefined references to res_mkquery() and dn_expand()

I can't reproduce that failure.  It sounds like it is not finding libresolv 

>... I do believe we will make it.

Excellent stuff.  Thanks for your efforts.


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