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Re: What about ARM?

In article <199912290343.VAA09592@core.federated.com> you wrote:

> I'm in favor of getting the distribution officially released.

So am I.  I'm also excited about your progress getting things built.  I'll try
to make time this weekend while I'm sitting around on-call for the Y2K 
non-event to get my Netwinder updated.  It's been sitting powered down for a
bit, but shouldn't take more than few minutes to get back on the net.

I *almost* had wanna-build running months ago, but tripped over a missing Perl
module.  I know someone on this list solved that in the interim, but I've
never gotten back to it.  I suspect that if you, Jim, and I all put our minds
to it, we can get at least one autobuilder going... and if so, we can divide
our time between babysitting it, and getting the install image(s) together.

> expect the at least one of the new Intel ARM and HP ARM to come out 

I have an HP Jornada 820, and I really want to put debian-arm on it at some
point.  I've been watching the progress getting other Windows CE platforms to
boot Linux kernels, and I have access to all the right MS tools to compile for
CE, but I have not yet had time to tackle porting the required bootloader to 
the 820... and there's no evidence that anyone else is working on it.


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