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Re: binary-packages

un23@rz.uni-karlsruhe.de (Alexander Schulz) writes:

> Hello,
> while playing around with the shark, I compiled some packages I didn't find
> binary packages for on ftp.debian.org. Should I upload them? How would I do
> this? Do I need additional files like pgp-signed changelocks or anything? (I
> just compiled them, no changes to the source expect for xlockmore and I'm in
> contact with the maintainer)

You can only upload to master.debian.org if you have signed the
packages (eg. built them with dpkg-buildpackage) and you are a Debian
maintainer (your key has been added to the Debian keyring).  This is
Debian's way of preventing untrusted people from uploading Trojans.

Information on how to become a Debian maintainer is at:


It's a small bit of a hassle (you need to get your key signed by
another maintainer, in person) - and somebody from the new-maintainer
team will phone you to talk with you in person.  The last I heard
though, the new-maintainer team was deluged with new applications, so
don't expect a quick turnaround.  It probably wouldn't hurt to send in
an application as soon as possible.

God knows I could use some help on the port.  :-)

> amd_upl102-28_arm.deb
> gpm_1.17.8-6_arm.deb
> lesstif-bin_0.88.9-1_arm.deb
> lesstifg-dbg_0.88.9-1_arm.deb
> lesstifg-dev_0.88.9-1_arm.deb
> lesstifg_0.88.9-1_arm.deb
> libgpmg1-dev_1.17.8-6_arm.deb
> libgpmg1_1.17.8-6_arm.deb
> libtiff-tools_3.4beta037-8_arm.deb
> libtiff3g-dev_3.4beta037-8_arm.deb
> libtiff3g_3.4beta037-8_arm.deb
> mesag-dev_3.0-2_arm.deb
> mesag3_3.0-2_arm.deb
> shellutils_2.0-1_arm.deb
> xlockmore-gl_4.14-2_arm.deb
> xlockmore_4.14-2_arm.deb
> xv_3.10a-21_arm.deb

When I get some time, I'll compile these and upload them.  I'm going
to do a new gcc first though.

It would be nice if we had an autobuilder working
(eg. wanna-build/buildd) - that way, we wouldn't have to manually
build packages that compiled cleanly.
> # any legal issues here?
> ssh-askpass_1.2.27-2_arm.deb
> ssh-socks_1.2.27-2_arm.deb
> ssh_1.2.27-2_arm.deb

I actually uploaded these a few days ago - but they are still sitting
in the Incoming queue on nonus.debian.org.  I'm not sure why it's
taking so long to process them.  I'll make some noise.


 - Jim

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