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Stuck in switching


this time it's a problem with the kernel..
As I hadn't network-support in the 2.2.12-kernel-image, I had to
switch between kernels.
No problem until I must have installed something under the 2.2.12,
which changed the boot-behaviour badly, so booting with my old 2.0.36
wasn't possible anymore.

Booting the new kernel is somehow hard to do, I was able to change to
kernels from the outside(just booting with the install-disks, and
using mv), but executing loadmap was impossible, so in
the moment theres no way I can see to get back in my 2.2.12 image..

Any idea anybody ?

P.S.: Even using the kernel-option : 'kernel /dev/hdb4.vmlinux' brought
me into the old, which couldn't boot of course..
PGP-Public-Key on Request.

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