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Re: Bug#44030: dh_clean funkiness

Joey Hess wrote:

> Adam C Powell IV wrote:
> > I tried putting the full path of dh_clean in debian/rules, then it
> > gives:
> > /usr/bin/dh_clean -k
> > dh_clean: No such file or directory
> >
> > The funky thing is, dh_clean by itself (without -k) seems to work- or at
> > least, seems to do something involving disk activity, so it's not
> > missing the (perl) interpreter.  Is it a problem if
> > /etc/alternatives/perl points to 5.005?
> Hm, I think this is a bug in debhelper, that it should depend on perl.
> Please install perl-5.005 or perl-5.004, which have GetOpt.pm in them and
> let me know if that fixes it.

That's funny, I had perl-5.004 installed, and not perl-5.005 (only
perl-base-5.005), but /etc/alternatives/perl pointed to perl-5.005!  Okay,
upgraded to perl-5.005, and now it works beautifully!

Thank you very much!  Consider this bug closed.

-Adam P.

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