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NWFPE, -O and shark


So I finally found some time to compile and debug things on the shark.
I now found the point where the mp3blaster died with an illegal instruction.
Take this little program:

#include <math.h>
typedef float REAL;
static REAL ca[8],cs[8];

void main(void){
    static REAL Ci[8]=
    REAL sq;
    int i;


compiled with gcc -lm -o ft ft.c it works and prints a number.
compiled with an additional -O it dies.
(the source comes from mpegsound/mpeglayer3.cc
from the mp3blaster sources.) There is another part that
fails in that file, beginning at line 177.

I compiled mpeglayer3.cc without the -O flag and from then on
the blaster worked (though io is far to slow on the shark...)

Given a recent message on ssh, what is this, a bug in GCCs
optimization? A bug in FPE? My fault?

X fails for the same reason (Signal 8, SIGFPE).

At the moment I use gcc 2.95, g++ 2.95, binutils 2.9.1
I didn't compile X myself though and the original
mp3blaster*.deb also died.


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