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Re: starting init on StrongARM (shark)

According to Philip Blundell:
> >So I would like some hints from people who know the exec stuff. Just some
> >intelligent guesses perhaps. Are there any Architecture dependences in the
> >MMU-code (not just processor-specific)? How can I debug this? Where can I
> >find some documentation about this part of the kernel (I only have Rubini
> >here, and starting init ist not exactly a device :-)
> It does sound like your memory mappings are not being set up properly.  
> What exactly do you have in memory.h, and what is the physical layout of the 
> Shark's memory map?

Memory starts at 0x0e00.0000 (but this depends on the amount of memory
installed, I have 32MB) I don't have the source here at the moment, I will
have a look as soon as I am at home. Kernel is mapped at c000.0000 as on the
other arms.

BTW: I forgot to tell this the last time:
The first elf_bss that should be cleared is at 0x4002.1408 the second is at
0x0200.e3d8 each one hangs the machine.

When I comment them out, I get to the debug messages which tell me that the
code also is around 0x0200.0000, the stack at 0xbfff.ff30

So some numbers at least, I'll send you the memory.h stuff.


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