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starting init on StrongARM (shark)


I am trying to start init on a Digital shark under Linux but it won't work.

I changed the kernel until most of the hardware is detectet and working, so
now should be the time to ru init. The exec-syscalls work until somewhere in
binfmt_elf.c they try to zero a region of userspace memory (__clear_user).
At that point, the machine hangs completely (Can't even ping it anymore).

But this should be software that also runs on other arms and should not be
architecture-dependend except physical memory (I adjusted the constants in
memory.h, is there something else I must do?) and perhaps the exceptions.
But as far as I understand it, those are only processor-dependend, and it is
a StrongARM like others. And I once had a kerbnel-oops (unable to handle
kernel paging-request) so it seems they are running.

So I would like some hints from people who know the exec stuff. Just some
intelligent guesses perhaps. Are there any Architecture dependences in the
MMU-code (not just processor-specific)? How can I debug this? Where can I
find some documentation about this part of the kernel (I only have Rubini
here, and starting init ist not exactly a device :-)


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