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Re: ip_fast_csum fails ???

un23@rz.uni-karlsruhe.de (Alexander Schulz) writes:

> Hello,
> Can anybody give me a hint why ip_fast_csum always fails on incoming packets
> on the shark (strongarm)? It gives c7ff or feff where it should return 0.
> It works on outgoing packets though. I dumped the packets to the terminal
> and they are received ok. When I do a checksum with 16-Bit values it works.
> Any ideas what is going wrong here?

Sounds strange.  I don't know why it should act differently going in
versus going out.

It's an inline function - perhaps you've stumbled across a compiler
bug?  The function is hand-coded assembly though.

Or is it a problem with the network driver?  But you said you dumped
the packets to the terminal, and they were OK.

Which version of the kernel source and what compiler are you using?

The NetWinder is StrongARM based too - and we're not getting those
errors (I think).

The linux-arm mailing list might be a better place to ask, because RMK
(who wrote that code) hangs out there.

It sounds like you are making really good progress.  :-)


 - Jim

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