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Re: New packages

On 6 Jul 1999, Jim Pick wrote:

> BTW, the old gcc and binutils are still in 'sid'.  The new binutils
> and gcc went (are going) into unstable.

	Well, I was not able to get anything working so I started over
with a fresh disk image and played around a little.  I found the following

* I had to add /usr/lib/gcc-ss/lib/gcc-lib/arm-debian-linux-gnu/gcc-2.95
to /etc/ld.so.conf in order for the programs in /usr/lib/gcc-ss/bin to
run from being in the $PATH.  If I didn't add them to ld.so.conf things
would complain about shared libraries not being found.

* Now that I can compile, when I go to link I am getting the error..
   "gcc: Internal compiler error: program collect2 got fatal signal 11"

	All of this is better then before when gcc would simply core
everytime I went to use it!!!  I am using the current disk image +
the libc6 from potato, the binutils from potato, and the gcc suite from
the Incoming ftp site.  

	Is there anything I can do to help solve this problem or is
it obvious what the issue is?



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