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New packages


I've spent the last week trying to fix up various packages for the arm
port, which I've just uploaded.  They include:

 * gcc-snapshot 19990625-0pre5.1  (in experimental)

     - this is a newer compiler.  It seems to be working better - in
       particular with packages that used to fail due to
       optimization problems.  It's configured to use the new
       binutils below.

       It installs into /usr/lib/gcc-ss, so you'll need to add it to
       your path or symlink it in order to use it.

 * binutils (in experimental)

     - this is a "BETA" version of binutils which has a new linker
       emulation for arm.  I had to fix some bugs to get it to work,
       but it seems OK now.  This works with the new gcc-snapshot
       package, but not the old egcs package (unless you edit the
       specs file).  You'll want the new glibc too so that ldd will

 * glibc 2.1.1-12.1

     - this needed to be patched so that ldd would recognize the
       binaries generated by the new linkers.  It's got a complete
       set of 2.2.9 kernel headers now too (I hope).

 * perl 5.004.04-7.1

     - it was a major job updating this, because the source package
       hadn't been updated to glibc 2.1 yet.  I had to patch it for
       the semun struct, to ignore some failed tests on ARM (mostly
       to do with floating point), to use libdb1, and some changed
       (buggy?) fileutils behaviour.

This should make it possible to compile quite a few packages that
wouldn't work before.  Have fun!  :-)


 - Jim

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