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Re: __inb ??

According to Philip Blundell:
> >Does someone know, where __inb and friends are defined?
> >I greped my way through the kernel-source and found that inb sometimes
> >defines as __inbc and sometimes as __inb (include/asm-arm/io.h). I found
> >__inbc in include/asm-arm/arch/io.h, but where is __inb?
> __inb should be defined in asm-arch/arch/io.h as well.  But these definitions 

OK, I found it in one of those variable definitions.
They are a bit difficult to read when you are not used to :-(

> are strictly for the kernel only.  If you are trying to do port access from 
> user space you should use ioperm, inb and outb from <sys/io.h>.

Yes, I know. But I just managed to get the serial console running on my
shark and I'm now fighting the PIC again, so it's quite a long way to go
till I actually get something running in userspace :-)


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