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Re: Versioned glibc progress

On 31 May 1999, Jim Pick wrote:

> > 	I am trying to bring up a new Netwinder today and I have noticed
> > that ftp.jimpick.com is down.  Is there anywhere else I can go to get 
> > the install image?
> Sorry, my server crashed badly over the weekend, and I had to wait
> until this morning until the ISP where it is co-located opened up so I
> could reboot it.  I'm going to move my server to a new location where
> I can fix it on the weekends soon.
> The machine is up now.
> Unfortunately, due to the server crash, I had no 'net access this
> weekend, so I didn't get a chance to build a new installation image
> yet.  I should have that done this week.

	How are things coming Jim?   I finally got everything processed
so I can "officially" help out now.  I want to get both the netwinders
in our lab running Debian.  I could probably spend some time trying
to get X functioning better - I would really like to see the ARM 
port in Potato.  


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