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Re: The debian netwinder is online with a different IP

emolitor@molitor.org wrote:
> Cleaning out my mailbox now that I have some free time...

  I know the feeling.  Go on vacation for two weeks, and come home to
discover I have no free time, as everyone wants to hear the stories of
me getting stuck with 2 swedish women on the coast of the Sinai.
They were together, so I had to back to my hovel and sulk.  (Yes, hovel.)
> I still dont have access to a netwinder, does the public access machine
> still exist? (I started working on a few things, then lost access and
> have been idle for quite some time now...)

  It exists.  It's still running RH (ouch).  I've been trying to get a
debian machine going. (sigh).

  Jim?  Would you mind terribly if I fed-ex'd you one of the machines?

  Alan DeKok.

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