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Re: New project: StrongARM based handheld computers?

Wichert Akkerman - Debian project leader <leader@debian.org> writes:

> I got an email from someone working for Intel corp. They are working
> on an StrongARM-based handheld computer, which is apparently quite
> similar to the `Brutus' StrongARM reference design. They already have
> `advanced development models' (their words), and would like to port
> Linux to.
> They already have someone working on this, but they would like some
> help from Linux experts.
> Is there interested here in helping with that? I'm assuming that since
> it is similar to a reference design we could probably use the same
> userland and would only need some kernel modifications, and since Intel
> is willing to help by providing prototype hardware and technical
> assistence that should not be very hard..
> Please Cc me on any replies, since I'm not subscribed to debian-arm.

That sounds interesting...

Our userland should work.  It sounds likely that work would need to be
done on the kernel (probably under NDA, I'd guess, unless they're
using an already released chip, like the SA1100).

I personally would be quite interested in helping out.  I might be in
a bit over my head as far as the kernel hacking goes - but that's
something I want to get into doing anyways.  The best way to learn is
by doing it, I guess.


 - Jim

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