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Re: ARM boot disks?

>>>>> "Eduard" == Eduard Pfarr <Ep@neurotec.de> writes:

    Eduard> Btw. is there any chance we'll see a Debian (ARM) Linux
    Eduard> distribution which includes a newer version of the nice
    Eduard> StarOffice, (maybe the brandnew 5.0) ?

Probably not, because StarOffice is non-free software (i.e. the source 
code is not available for us to port to e.g. the ARM architecture).
StarDivision does not seem to be terribly aware of other UNIX
platforms than Solaris/Sparc and Linux/x86.

OTOH, Corel has pledged that WordPerfect 8, and eventually the entire
CorelOffice suite, will run on Linux for both x86 and ARM
architectures, free of charge.  Their deadlines appear to have slipped
somewhat, but WP8 should be available sometime soon.

I can note that even the WP8 beta (x86 only) they released last summer
is a lot more stable, sleek, and goodlooking than StarOffice.  You can
find it at <ftp://ftp.slett.net/pub/linux/pc/wp/>.

You can find more information on WP8 for Linux at:


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