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crude gdb available

I got tired of not having a gdb on the debian side so I've bludgeoned
gdb into working for us.

It was far to brutal a job to consider making a patch, so I'll just
make the executable available for interested developers.  By brutal, I
mean I definitely destroyed any ARM support for non-SA110 processors.

The resulting gdb works OK.  I've used it to fix 'strace' and diagnose
'apt-get'.  It seems to get confused when depositing values into
variables and continuing.  Could be an aliasing artifact, but probably
a screwed up debugger.  Breakpoints and examination of values seems
to work fine.  Loading core files and attaching to running processes
doesn't work.

The general recipe for anyone that wants to follow is...
	build the binutils-corel package
	unpack gdb
	point gdb/{bfd,include,libiberty,opcodes} to their counterparts
         in the binutils-corel/build tree (except include which is not 
         duped into build)
        whack out rdp
        butcher the ARM files to handle the SA110 (no FP registers,
         PC is in a different offset, no THUMB instructions, 
	 different breakpoint opcode, 

I've put the executable and my hideous patch (less the directory
shifting) in http://www.federated.com/~jim/debian/

                                     Jim Studt, President
                                     The Federated Software Group, Inc.

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