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Re: glibc progress, or lack of it

>Just a status update - I haven't had a chance to get the glibc stuff
>done.  I've had a really bad flu all week.  :-(

Glibc itself has been in pretty poor shape recently as well so it's probably a 
good thing that you didn't waste your time. :-)

Things seem to be better now.  There is at least one patch that you need 
against the current CVS version to fix a problem with the dynamic linker.  
I'll send you a copy tomorrow.

It seems that the choice of compiler for glibc is still a little delicate.  
Scott reports some problems which sound like gcc 2.8.1 is miscompiling things.
EGCS appears to have this bug fixed but the current patches have a different 
bug where libgcc.a isn't built as PIC which will cause shared libraries to go 
disastrously wrong.  Hopefully I'll have time to make a new patch for that 
tomorrow as well.


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