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Re: New 2.0.35 kernel packages and status report

On Wed, Nov 11, 1998 at 07:55:30PM -0800, Jim Pick wrote:

> I'm going to ......
> Then I'm going to ...

> After that, I'm going to ...

> And then, I'm going to ...

> Bdale Garbee <bdale@gag.com> is looking at the X stuff.

> Lots to do.  :-)

I guess so!  I think I will try and get back into things after your
new packages come out... with all the patches flying all over the
place, it has gotten kind of hectic...  I might be changing jobs,
also...  Anyway, thanks!

Are you putting all this stuff on the debian.org sites?  I took out
the jimpick.com things from dselect - it'd be nice to try and do
everything from Debian's official sites...

David Welton                          http://www.efn.org/~davidw 

	Debian GNU/Linux - www.debian.org

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