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Excessive time for 'new-maintainer' processing

Having ported some Debian packages to the ARM processor (Corel
Netwinder), I have been interested in getting these into the main
Debian source tree.  On October 11 this year I thus sent an email to
'new-maintainer', trying to obtain developer status & upload
privileges to 'master.debian.org'.

Having received no answer by the 20th, I resent the PGP-signed mail at
that time.  This time I did get a reply from a live person(!), asking
that the included picture of my ID by itself be PGP-signed.  I did,
and got another reply within a day saying everything seems OK, now
they will just need to call me back.  (This reply came on the 22nd).

It is now 10 days later, and still nothing more.  Because of the very
preliminary nature of the Debian-Arm project, it would help us all
very much if such ported packages can be included in the tree - the
sooner the better.  Not only is that good for the people developing
and running Debian on the Netwinder, but also for Debian as a whole
and is image as a universal operating system.  (Debian already has
word on itself for getting the Arm port out very quickly - now realize
that it could go even quicker).

I did catch a little of the discussion here about the new-maintainer
delays, and naturally volunteers cannot be expected to sacrifice their
lifes in order to accomodate every ranting and screaming crybaby out
there (I know some about that from having been drowned in demands for
support for a free program I made years ago).

However, there seems to be a screaming need for a little more
professialism in the handling of such matters in the Debian
organization.  I honestly do not thing the problem is lack of
volunteers to process these applications (it seems like many would
love to help -- I would too!).  I wonder, instead, if these delays
come because the people in question simply take on too much on their
own, and are not willing to let go of some of this work.

I hope I am not offending anyone, but it seems that a little more
attention is needed to getting such applications processed.



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