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modutils-2.1.121 + Netwinder = crash

Because the new 'insmod.elf' from Corel does not work on my Debian
Netwinder (with self-built ELF kernel), I was trying to create the
modutils package to provide support for kerneld, insmod and so on.

The problems are:

   - 'sys_qm.c' needs the following two lines, right where the
     defines for other architectures are:

       # elif defined(__arm__)
       #  define __NR_query_module __NR_SYSCALL_BASE+167

   - In 'sys_cm.c', the line
        #if defined(__i386__) || defined(__m68k__)

     should be:
        #if defined(__i386__) || defined(__m68k__) || defined(__arm__)

     I believe this is right, because create_module() returns an
     address that may be interpreted as a negative long (error)
     otherwise also on Arm.  (I found this empirically).

   - But now, after 'create_module()' actually succeeds, the program
     flow in 'insmod.c' goes to:
	- Test for obj_relocate()  -- works fine
	- Possibly delete_module() -- works fine also
        - old_init_module(n_name, f, m_size) --- **CRASH**

     At this point, the message given on the console is that the pc
     (program counter) is in non-code space (or something to that
     effect).  The netwinder hangs, and a hard reset is neccessary.

It would be interesting to know:

   - What sources did Corel use to create 'insmod'?

   - If they based it on 2.1.121, how did they overcome this problem?

   - Would it be possible to obtain sources from them that work?

Thanks in advance for any insight,


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