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New kernel


I've put some new kernel packages up at:


(Actually, I'm in the process of uploading them via modem - they
 should all be there in two hours)

I made a kernel-patch-2.0.31-netwinder package which contains the Corel
diff against the regular Linux 2.0.31 source (as sparc and m68k do).  I also
had to make a kernel-source-2.0.31 package (because one doesn't exist on

To build the kernel using kernel package, you need to do something like:


and install the kernel-patch-2.0.31-netwinder package.

Hopefully, now that I've got a normalish kernel-headers package, they'll get
included into libc6-dev when I try to build that.

I still need to do changes to kernel-package to remove references
to lilo and floppies...


 - Jim

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