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Re: NetWinder

Yeah, the gizmos attached to it -- 2 RJ45 netjacks, RCA stereo sound
in/out, RCA video in/out (great fun! plug it into the TV), and the IrDa
(can we say Universal Remote Control? ;) 

However Corel Computer was looking to get Debian installed on a NetWinder,
I suppose I could arrange to purchase one from them that would be
displayed etc. at ALS, and maybe Jim Pick or one of the other
Debian/StrongARM developers could install Debian on one of their NWs. I
think Corel Computer has a booth at ALS.

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On Tue, 13 Oct 1998, David Welton wrote:
> I think I got mine for around $750 - there is more info on
> www.corelcomputer.com.  Cost effective? Hrmm.. PC's have an economy of
> scale that blows everything else away, but I think the netwinder is
> still competitive - it has lots of neat gizmos, like video, sound,
> IR..  Discounts.. hrmm I'm not sure, you'd probably have to dig
> around... I know the discount I got was during a trade show - maybe
> they will do something similiar during the ALS?  Maybe you could
> arrange to purchase the one they send you:->>

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