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I have composed a list of errata in the Debian disk image.  I'll post
it here, and try and keep a current version in

Mostly just permissions problems.
David Welton                          http://www.efn.org/~davidw 

	Debian GNU/Linux - www.debian.org

>>>>>> Debian GNU/Linux Netwinder Errata <<<<<
>> $Id: netwinder-errata.txt,v 1.1 1998/10/12 17:55:31 davidw Exp $ <<

This is a file detailing some of the problems with the Debian disk
image for the netwinder.  Mostly they are fairly minor, and hopefully
will be corrected in the next version.

1. Incorrect permissions on /tmp

Fix: chmod 755 /tmp

2. Incorrect permissions on /dev/null

Fix: chmod 666 /dev/null

3. Setserial hangs the netwinder.

Workaround: do not install the setserial package.

4. asm/ and linux/ headers

The current libc6-dev package depends on the kernel-headers package.
Afaik, this is wrong.  For now, to have the correct header files with
the ELF kernel, get the kernel sources, do a 'make symlinks' and 'make
includes/linux/version.h' in /usr/src/linux, and then link the 'asm'
and 'linux' directories to /usr/src/linux/include/asm/ and
/usr/src/linux/include/linux/, respectively.

5. Permissions on /dev/tty wrong. (Causes pgp to fail)

Fix: chmod 666 /dev/tty

6. Permissions on /var/tmp/vi.recover (Causes nvi to fail when run as
a user) 

Fix: chmod 777 /var/tmp/vi.recover

7. Mouse link incorrect (Causes gpm to fail)

Fix: link /dev/mouse to /dev/psaux, instead of /dev/ttyS1

8. Create /dev/temperature

Fix: mknod -m666 

I suspect there are other permissions problems lurking here and

>>>>>> find / -perm 666

On my i386 box:

.... etc ....

.... etc ....


On the netwinder:

.... etc ....


As far as 777 (directories), it looks like /tmp is the only one on my
i386 box (no nvi here..).

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