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Re: A few notes..

David Welton <davidw@gate.cks.com> writes:

> The permissions on /tmp are wrong.
> Permissions on /dev/null are wrong.

Oops.  I guess I'll have to fix those the next time I make an image.

I just copied the /dev stuff from what I had on my own machine.  I
suppose the makedev stuff needs to be updated.
> Vi seems broken.

How is it broken?  It seems to be working here.

> Seems we need the kernel headers package, to get a
> lot of devel things going.  I'll try and do that.

Do you want to take over all the kernel stuff?

I've got a small patch against kernel-package that I used for the
kernel-image package.  Here it is (apply against

--- rules.orig  Wed Oct  7 19:44:18 1998
+++ rules       Thu Oct  8 13:56:29 1998
@@ -110,6 +110,20 @@
 DEBCONFIG = $(CONFDIR)/config.sparc

+ifeq ($(strip $(architecture)),arm)
+kimage := vmlinux
+target = vmlinux
+kimagesrc = vmlinux
+kimagedest = $(INT_IMAGE_DESTDIR)/vmlinux-$(version)
+DEBCONFIG = $(CONFDIR)/config.arm
+### ppc powerpc et al
 ### ppc powerpc et al
 ifneq ($(strip $(filter ppc powerpc,$(architecture))),)
 # sub archs can be CHRP, PowerMac, PReP

I tried building a kernel-headers package use make-kpkg, but it didn't
work very well.

> When that is in place, maybe I can create a set_therm package.

That would be great!


 - Jim

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