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Re: [drepper@cygnus.com] glibc-2.0.97

>>>>> "PB" == Philip Blundell <philb@gnu.org> writes:
>> In order to get binutils working in a cross-compiling environment
>> (Alpha/Digital Unix -> Arm/Linux/Elf), I had to make the following
>> change to 'ld/scripttempl/elf.sc'.
>> I'm not certain if this change is "the right way" to do this, but it
>> parallels the in e.g., elfppc.sc.

PB> It doesn't look right to me.  Can you describe the exact problem
PB> you were having?  FWIW cross-compiling from Intel Linux seems OK
PB> for me without your patch.

When linking, 'ld' would look for a configuration labeled "alpha:arm",
but could only find configurations labeled "arm", "arm32", ...etc. In
otherwords, there appeared to be a disconnect between one tool (the
scripts) incorporating the host information and the other (ld/bfd)
only using the target name.

This was true in as well, and the posted fix is what
eventually got the cross compiler going again. This arose when
using --target=arm-unknown-linuxelf on a DEC alpha. I don't think
I had the problem occur on Linux.

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