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Debian ARM achitectures in Sid


After discussions with the Linux/ARM people (Russell King, and
friends), we've come to the decision that it would be best to have two
separate ARM architectures:

  armv3  - primarily for use on Acorn RiscPC machines - including
           ones which use the ARM6, ARM7, and StrongARM (without halfword
           support) cpus.  This could be a very popular port, as Acorn
           has decided to discontinue manufacturing PCs - so the existing
           customers will be looking for a new OS to install.

  armv4  - for StrongARM machines, such as the Corel NetWinder.  With Intel's
           backing, there are probably going to be a lot of StrongARM machines
           coming onto the market in the next year or so.

Could we get these architectures added to "sid"?

The current "arm" architecture should be dropped.  But it would be
nice to keep the existing files there for the transition period while
we are rebuilding everything to use the "armv4" architecture string.


 - Jim


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