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Re: Booting via NFS (Re: Other stuff)

Tor Slettnes <tor@tor.slett.net> writes:

> >>>>> "Jim" == Jim Pick <jim@jimpick.com> writes:
>     Jim> I finally set myself up so I can boot off the network.  So
>     Jim> now I am confident that I recover the machine if I mess up.
>     Jim> This means that I am in a position to test booting into a
>     Jim> Debian image. 
> I just did that also, booting from a Debian PC.  I ran into a couple
> of snags, which may be worth mentioning for others who want to try.
>    - Make sure to use the 'eth0' interface on the Netwinder.
>      I had my network setup on 'eth1', which prevented the firmware
>      from doing DHCP negotiation with my PC to get started.

Some other DHCP "gotchas" I ran into:

 - on my DHCP server, I needed to run:
     route add -host dev eth0

   (this is explained in /usr/doc/dhcp-beta/README.gz)

 - inside /etc/dhcp.conf, you need to have the name of the kernel image,
   like this:

   host riley {
      hardware ethernet 0:10:57:00:06:6F;
      fixed-address riley.jimpick.com;
      filename "vmlinux_vnc.rev4";
      server-name "";

   I initially tried naming my kernel just "vmlinux", but the NeTTROM
   wouldn't take it.  You need to use the name "vmlinux_vnc.rev4".


 - Jim


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