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Signal 11, unpredictable segfaults, etc.

I just received my Netwinder DM a couple of days ago, and off I go to
try installing a few updates, compiling a few programs, etc.  Problem
is that even for relatively small/innocent commands I receive a lot of 
segfaults, often such that the computer hangs completely and needs a
power-off reboot.

One example:
       $ gcc test.c
       gcc: Internal compiler error: program ld got fatal signal 11

Running the same command again:
       $ gcc test.c
       /usr/arm-linuxelf/bin/ld:redirect: file format not recognized; treating as linker script
       /usr/arm-linuxelf/bin/ld:redirect:0: parse error

Or I can be running 'emacs-nox', and e.g. press C-o to open a line.
Bang.  Or sometimes certain commands in init.d crashes while starting
up or shutting down.  Or sometimes even 'ls' segfaults.

Once I am inside a Debian chroot environment, things seem a little
more stable(!); but sometimes that environment segfaults and puts me
back in the RedHat root environment.

The fan is on, the temperature reading is relatively normal (42C).

By the way, 'ldconfig' fails with the message:
    /sbin/ldconfig: warning: /usr/lib/libc.so is not a DLL or ELF
library, skipping 

Are these problems normal?  Do you folks see these or not?
Are these software issues that can be patched?  Or should I return it
for a new one?

Insights sorely needed.  
Thanks in advance,


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