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Bug#990580: debdiff for NMU apache2 (= 2.4.48-3.1) (was Re: Bug#990580: apache2: [regression] daily cron mails from logrotate: Reloading Apache httpd web server: apache2., caused by #979813)

On Sun, 11 Jul 2021, Adam Borowski wrote:

> I for one believe the old behaviour was superior for the common case of
> "success" -- no news is good news

No disagreement from here. We could do things like…
output=$(command 2>&1; echo $? >tempfile)
case $(cat tempfile 2>&1) in (0) ;; (*) printf >&2 '%s\n' "$output" ;; esac
… but…

> • three weeks before the release is no time for such meddling

… precisely this.

> • it should be coded in sysv-rc/runit/etc instead of every daemon

Nope. This is out of the scope of init systems.

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