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Bug#988310: ssl-cert: make-ssl-cert uses same filename for template and output

O 06/06/21 ás 13:14, Stefan Bühler escribiu:

On Mon, 10 May 2021 11:09:58 +0200 Parodper <parodper@gmail.com> wrote:
Package: ssl-cert Version: 1.1.0 Severity: grave Tags: patch Justification: renders package unusable

Given ssl-cert is installed on many systems probably just for the snakeoil self-signed certificate I think the severity isn't justified, or at least the Justification is wrong.

I only knew of the problem by an user asking in the debian-user-spanish
mailing list, but the man page has that behavior as default. That is the
reason I put it as «grave». Feel free to change the severity.

"Only" creating other certificates seems to be impacted by this.  Is
 there any data which packages are affected by this issue?

I mean, if *I* was the only one to submit a bug report I guess not a lot
of people are affected. I looked around for quite some time because I
couldn't believe that no one else had reported anything.

The suggested patch shifts the arguments, like it is done on other parts of the script.

The patch is not in "unified diff" format, which makes it hard to read / apply in a safe way.

Sorry, will remember that next time I submit a bug report.

Apart from that it looks like a simple change though.

I though so, but I don't know enough about either the program or bash
scripting to be sure. I saw the option on reportbug and thought «why not?»

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