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Bug#986537: apache2: Reinstall fails due to missing conf files

Hello Patrick,

thank you for your report.

* Patrick Dunford <patrickjrdunford@gmail.com> [210407 21:31]:
> Description: If apache2 is uninstalled and then reinstalled, the reinstallation will fail if the
> user has removed conf files in /etc/apache2 directory. The script does not copy these files for
> reinstallation in the same way as it does for first time installation. Therefore it is nearly
> impossible for a user to perform a clean reinstallation of apache2 using the package installer.
> Steps to reproduce:
> apt install apache2
> apt remove apache2
> cd /etc/apache2
> rm -rf *
> apt install apache2

You seem to be removing configuration files while the package
was not fully removed. The package management tools (dpkg, apt)
record configuration files as such, and expect them to stay present.

If you want to remove apache2 fully, you can use "apt purge apache2"
(and similar, for all relevant apache packages).

What you are describing is quite frankly not a bug.

Hope this helps,

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