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Re: apache only servers text page

Sorry about that.

by remarking out the ForceType we are now able to view html file.

Apache is serving perl executables as actual code. ( .pl .cgi ) or files
that have the first line as


perl has been installed in correct location.

/etc/mime.types file has text/x-perl     .pl   and text/x-script.perl     pl

apache2.conf - has the line     Options FollowSymLinks +ExecCGI
apache2.conf - AddHandler cgi-script .cgi .sh .pl

they may be other settings we are not aware of.

should it be needed, how should we go about getting a copy of the
apache2.conf file to you, or should we just post in up on a site and
give a link to it ?

please advise.

thank you


On 9/30/19 8:26 AM, Carl Fink wrote:
Please reply to the list, not me personally.

Also, the list does not accept attachments. You would have to post the image on
a web site and include the link rather than the actual image in your email.

On Mon, Sep 30, 2019 at 07:01:28AM -0400, Dave wrote:
A screen shot of what we have now after remarking out???? ForceType text/plain

but actually we changed ForceType to text/html ...... please see
attachment image

On 9/30/19 6:41 AM, Carl wrote:
On 9/29/19 11:28 PM, Dave wrote:
Our apache2 is only severing text or code pages instead of html pages.

apache did have a "ForceType of text/plain remarking out did not solve
the problem.

.pl files on the server are also served are code.

text/html - is used in all scripts, and it is located in the mime.types

we use sublime to edit all of our .pl or .html pages.

please advise.

Did you restart apache after making the change?

Did you grep the Apache configuration directory for other instances of

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