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Bug#902493: apache2-bin: Event MPM listener thread may get blocked by SSL shutdowns

On 10.03.19 12:51, Stefan Fritsch wrote:

> I am not comfortable with switching to mpm_worker, either, since this would be 
> a significant behavior change.
> I have however tried a backport of the patch referenced in the upstream bug 
> report and put a build here:
> https://people.debian.org/~sf/apache2-mpm-event-902493/2.4.25-3+deb9u7~test1/
> (sha256 sums below)
> I don't think that I will put this patch into the next point release (9.9), 
> but if there are a fair number of people who test this on their systems and 
> report back, I may consider it for the 9.10 point release. So, please test 
> this and report back after maybe 1-2 weeks.
> * if it fixes the bug
> * if you have seen any new issues
> * on how many systems and how long you have tested it and how much load 
> (requests/day) those systems see

Thank you.

I am going to test these package on the systems which have shown to be
hit by regularly this problem here, so I am confident I will be able to
report within two weeks if there have been any problems and if your
change did indeed fix the problem.


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