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Bug#915103: Apache2 HTTP/2 connection problems with Safari clients

Stefan Fritsch schrieb am 16.02.19 um 11:21:
> On Tuesday, 12 February 2019 16:45:34 CET Philip Iezzi wrote:
>> Hi Stefan,
>> Confirming again that your patch from Feb 4th fixed the issue. I've got now
>> positive feedback from my customers and have upgraded all HTTPS-sites back
>> to HTTP/2. Will this patch make it into Debian Stretch?
>> Thanks,
>> Philip
> yes, I intend to have it included in the 9.9 stable point release. 
> Unfortunately, it was just a bit too late for the 9.8 which is due today.

Thank you, but honestly i would have expected Debian to fix a regression
like this immediately, not with a point release.
That's the kind of stability i like and use Debian for...


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