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Bug#902493: apache2-bin: Event MPM listener thread may get blocked by SSL shutdowns

On 2/13/19 12:38 AM, Jan Wagner wrote:
> backports is not meant for fixing things. beside that it would require
> all rebuilding most of the additional apache modules not shiped by the
> apache2 source package.

So we're back to doing nothing at all?

I'm not at all advocating backports as a solution, rather suggesting that it would be _something_ that could be done while the issue is not fixed, for whatever reason.

As for rebuilding other sources packages, yes, but like you said, not only is backports not for fixing things, it has been traditionally known to break things as well. Packages from backports are indeed sometimes not installable to some users.

In my case I wasn't using any other modules (PHP via fcgi), so apache2, apr and apr-util were enough. Again, we're not forcing anyone to use this, nor are we saying that this addresses the issue.

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